I am now a proud owner of the Triumph Bonneville

I am now a proud owner of the Triumph Bonneville!

Although I did just notice that they misspelt Triumph on the tank.

What do?

  • Ride and enjoy it, you should stop to help,riders who break down.

  • Nice T140.... :V

  • Honest mistake.

  • I even feel the urge to make some tea.

  • Beware of the drops on the pavement... of that tea kettle.

  • no you got a decent bike

  • Since your Triumph has several "mistakes" I suggest you just dump it somewhere, e.g. in my backyard. I will take care of its disposal and won't tell anyone about your mistake :-)

  • Kip is right... These W650 are just pure junk... Big mistake you made buying one... As I'm in a good mood, I'll get you rid of it... Lemme see... Got 126 bucks and 35c right here... :v

  • Do you have a licensed waste disposal facility? I do, all official. And anonymous :-)

  • I got a pickup truck !

  • 1 - Thanks for realising and confirming I am right. A pleonasm I would dare call it :-D

    2 - I have a Widecar which, without the boat, is ideal for transporting things like this Wiumph O:)

    3 - Conny doesn't do business with the French :-P

  • TriuWph...

  • WhyUmph?

  • A Twiumph of deception. ;-)

  • When I bought my second W650, it had triumph badges on the tank and cam cover, Bonneville decals on the side covers....

  • can't tell them apart anyway ... :v

  • That's two nice Beezers Jack!

  • Haha :p