I am getting new pipes for my V2K Hear a lot of talk about the Vanes Hines and...


I am getting new pipes for my V2K. Hear a lot of talk about the Vanes & Hines and the Cobra. Then on the fuel processors, seen the FuelPak and the Power Commander. Looking for thoughts and ideas of both.

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  • I have V&H with PC3 and I like 'em.

  • Like the V&H. Personal preference. Got the PC3 cos it was the only unit at the time that allowed you to subtract as well as add fuel.

  • Thanks James and Mike was kinda the way i was leaning

  • John, ya don't HAVE to add a fuel injection controller if ur ONLY changing the pipes! I have the black ceramic coated custom werkz baffled drag pipes on mine and since I started running those my popping stopped. It popped a little when I had the cobra's on!

  • i was going to go with the vance hines pipes and from what i read it needs the fuelpak or the power commander to dial in the fuel and air consumption

  • I have the Cobra 2-1 to replace my HK 3" straight shots (loose welds). Still got the 3" HKs if anyone is interested...

  • are Those Vance & Hines 3"? ThanX

  • Dan's right John. You probably won't need extra fuel management until you change the intake as well. It's when you free up both the intake and the exhaust that your fuel mix really changes. It'll sound better with the pipes though. :)

  • I had another independant mechanic tell me the factory sets it a little lean and the power commander 5 will help it.

  • That's true. I think that's pretty standard for all vehicles to get EPA approval. Now that I think about it, they do have maps for just pipes alone. So get it with the pipes and start having fun already. Then get a dynotune after you've added the airkit as well.