I am currently putting together a business sellers list any member who wishes...


I am currently putting together a business sellers list, any member who wishes to advertise within the group "As a business seller" must register, as you see below we already have fairings, custom seat work, air brushing and fabrication.., if you wish to register then provide your NAME, PRODUCT or SERVICE and your LOCATION below, I will pin this post for a couple of days until we complete the list, anyone who dosnt register and advertises on the group main will incur my wrath :-p

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  • Registering keeps things simple and keeps the business sellers to a minimum within the group, first come first served and all the rest are out of the loop.

  • We still need clothing and as I said its first come first served.

  • Last day for any current business sellers to register, tomorrow we will go back to the pinned location post.