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  • As a great man once said...... " keep her lit' great ideas, keep them coming :-D

  • Right, first issue that I now see is financing a badge run, seeing as I suggested it,maybe I can suggest that we find 10 members willing to stump up say £20 apiece to get it going. That would provide a stock base with the donors being given some kind of a discount on the merchandise. The badges have got to be worth a few quid each when done with anyone who wants any sending an SAE with payment to whoever holds the stock. I'll be first to volunteer a £20 note towards getting going. Anyone else got any thoughts? (or £20 notes) A small profit on each item would provide funds for additional stuff, maybe cloth patches?

  • £200 would get a hundred badges in the 30mm size,ift hey sold at £2.50 there would be a small profit towards the next run. We'd also be able to reimburse the original donors

  • I'm up for a £20 donation.

  • I'll be up for that ..

    The reason for the FB logo was for people to find the group

  • Not a bad 'quick' mock-up' Al! Bet there's a photoshop fiend ot there who could create a half D/ halfC machine? Bet he could make it look like there were 4 cans or anything.....? Hmm I wonder ;-)

  • Most of them badge / logo designers will work with your basic idea and usually do amazing things with your idea.A simple pic of a ZedZed will be all they require and they know the limitations of their products too. But it would be nice if it was an inhouse one designed by a member.

  • Dave, wasn't I thinking just that??

  • Blimey.... I only went out for a few hours and this brilliant ZZR1100 'machine' rumbled on under it's own steam, fantastic! Here's another one, not everybody's cup of tea maybe especially as we wouln't be riding out together that much, but I'm just putting it out there. We had these done for a little group I've been involved with (don't let the moody black put you off) they look good when out together. Here goes.....

  • ..... note EVEN a little sponsorship thing going on.