How much does your front wheel freely spin when lifted I just installed a...


How much does your front wheel freely spin when lifted? I just installed a harley wheel and once everything is installed it only spins about 1 1/2 rotations.

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  • I don't know but I like that wheel. Street Glide?

  • I think. Found it on Craigslist. I believe it's the same one Rod Pimentel has on his as well

  • Looks like The HD AirStrike wheel found on touring models. Including the Street Glide.

  • It's a Harley wheel. Maybe it's just not used to moving. Lol

  • Anyone?

  • Sorry, just read the top post. didn't realize there was a question being posted. Short answer, seems fine. Make sure you greased your axle prior to sliding it in and that the wheel bearings aren

  • aren't grinding. Lastly, make sure you are not scrapping the brake pads unevenly as the wheel turns.

  • cannot say what is normal for the wheel to spin freely. a lot of the times is just a matter of having different rotors, weights on the wheel, how hard you spin... main thing is that it does spin, and does so without scrapping or being off balance. Best of luck

  • Looks awesome!!!

  • That's good news. I got the axle greased. I just filed down the stock spacers and the bearings seem fine. And the break pads look good to the eye...

  • Thanks! Today was rain but hopefully can wash the bike tomorrow as well as test out the ride of the new wheel.

  • Last thing to do is put on a helmet, some riding protection and take her out for a ride. Listen for any brake caliper scraping. I found it a lot easier to steer. In the interstate it felt like a much smaller bike. Next to the Euro Gears, Kawasaki should have come out with a 130mm front wheel from the start.

  • I'll dig out the elbow and knee pads for the first go

  • Lemon Pledge works wonders on the Beast, especially with the black crinkle on the engine.

  • I can hear the brake pads on the rotors when it spins but I don't think any beyond what's normal

  • Looks great, hope you enjoy the ride. Oh, and welcome to the VN2000 Hardley Wheel Club ;-)

  • I haven't checked our vn but 1 1/2 turns doesn't sound much. Have you tried it with out the calipers on. Are the discs centered in the calipers? Interested in why the change? Different look or tire size. Does look good.