How many of you know what this bad boy is God I want one so bad


How many of you know what this bad boy is God I want one so bad

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  • All it has is 250 r plastics

  • Lol

  • The one in the picture on top of this page has Lakota front fenders and trx250r rears kawis all kicked backwards.

  • They were sweet, I remember them, back when I raced the GNCC.

  • There were 3 xc machines, 31 JW's was built later just for the Legends TT race at Ashtabula.

  • I remember that! Wasn't it a prototype? Early 2000's

  • No if you read comments it tells you

  • unless you want it for the lore you looking at a complete waste of money. great to own them but you can build something better like Brian rose did. I can't see it handling any better than my T4, actually I bet mine handles better. don't get me wrong if I owned them I'd likely brag about it. but 15k, no thanks.

  • I don't see any added aftermarket parts that can be added to a t 4 to make it handle like an r now if the kfx is based off of a r,s geometry then yes but IMO I like the looks of this much more than the kfx and I'm sure the kfx has more weight

  • Looks pretty good

  • 15k is quite a stretch.. but a museum piece for sure..

  • I don't know if these would even stop at 15 k lol

  • I'd put this set up against anything out there. not saying it's better than this or that. but it's insane good. there is nothing made for a tecate 4 literally better than this set up. it's like driving a cloud on rails.... I've only ever rode a 250r in stock trim. So I don't have much to compare it too. I like the looks of that factory quad because it looks like it's Era. ...

  • I only said 15k because someone mentioned it above.....Nothing factual

  • My modern day tecate weighs 362.5lbs with all fluids topped off

  • it looks cool.....

  • Brian Rose I believe you have the all time best hybrid ever built. I'm not sure how or what it would take to top your T4 hybrid

  • good comments here though. most I've heard this hybrid discussed

  • Most definitely badass.. looks like they got their geometry on point. Looks a lot like a hooked up 250R

  • Mojave fronts, Tecate 3 rear

  • Actually this one pictured are Lakota front

  • There's a segment on one of the huevos Grande's movies of Bill Ballance tearing it up...I know it's not the first one I'm thinking part 2 or 3