How many of you have installed a full performance exhaust system on your bikes...


How many of you have installed a full performance exhaust system on your bikes & gotten worse gas mileage afterwards? Mine is an 09 & I also have a BMC filter but no other mods done yet.

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  • Common sense would think that the milage would be better which it always was on all the other bikes I've owned & done this to. It just was a surprise to me when I noticed it got worse cause it doesn't make sense from my past experiences.

  • I have a '06 with BMC filter, full ti Muzzy, flies removed and PC3 and I can tell you that my MPG sucks. I couldn't tell you exactly what it is because my gearing has changed and my speedo is way off. I can tell you that I might get 100 miles to a tank.

  • I have two brothers full 4-1 exs gust flys removed, pc3 and tune and get around 36mpg cruising

  • Have you started using a different octane fuel as well?

  • Bro it's a bike. Fuck the gas mileage. You pay to play

  • Lmao! I was about to say the same thing, but figured I would be nice today

  • Some of these post be killing me

  • Man I hear ya. Gas mileage is the LAST thing I'm worried about with my bikes

  • Not only that the price of fuel is lower than previous years

  • For real!

  • No still running 91 or higher

  • I wasn't really worried about the milage, I just was surprised that it didn't increase with the minor things I did cause it increased on every other bike I've owned

  • Yeah but different brands are tuned differently from the factory.

  • Mine is the Two Brothers 4 to one system as well but I don't have any fuel management system on it yet

  • It helps

  • Yeah true, I just found it a bit odd that the milage went down. It does shoot some cool flames out the pipe cause of the unburned fuel lol!

  • That's what I figured

  • yep my gas mileage sucked after adding my exhaust.

  • Full brocks alien head. Bmc filter. Pc5 and flashed ecu. Gas milage sucks ass but it flies

  • Only mods I care about are those that increase power or comfort. F*** the mileage!

  • Full muzzy flys out pc5 1 tooth up in the front I get average 38.5 mpg

  • 1 tooth up ?

  • Brocks ct brocks fly out street map pc5

  • Up down witch ever gives more power feel

  • Have you ever checked to see if that's accurate by calculating the miles verses gallons used? Mine used to be accurate before the mods

  • Mine is ok I think I have Bmc filter and the dual Brock's CT and PC5 but you put mods on your bike to make it faster or Tip top.

  • Yeah, I did it to get more power & sound better, but was surprised that it didn't get better mileage doing just those 2 things. Oh well, it's still a sweet bike!

  • Hell yea the best bike in the market! I think! You need to get your ECU Flashed tho don't buy a PC3 or PC5 you won't need them after the flash

  • It will run better after that should get better gas to!

  • Yeah I've been contemplating doing that

  • no

  • I wonder if you really are averaging 41 mpg then?

  • I think so going off when i ride with the wife on her stock gsx650f n the fuel she uses

  • That's good then!