• How many of you have had issues with the standard tyres that are fitted to the...

    How many of you have had issues with the standard tyres that are fitted to the Z1000SX (Bridgestone S20 EVO) picking my new bike up this Friday and have seen lots of reports and reviews which say the tyres are shocking ?

    • no problem at all. I even went to the French Alpes riding like hell. now I have the s21 and they are better

    • Thanks for the feedback, I did ask the dealers if they would change the tyres for PR4's, they said they would but I would have to pay full price of the tyres and fitting, they didn't want to take the Bridgestones in part exchange !! Speaks volumes to what they think of them too :-)

    • my front went off after 1000 miles! had PR4's ever since

    • I've just completed scrubbing my PR4s in after having changed from the original stock Bridgestones. The difference is incredible. The turn ins I much better and loads more grip

    • Got the garage to change them before I collected the bike to Metzeler Roadtec 01. Great tyre wet and dry.

    • And they took the stock Bridgestones in p/x against the cost of the Metz

    • There is another post about this Glenn from the last few days. PR4 are much better for grip and wear. Stock Bridgestone are not great.

    • The dealers didn't want to take anything off the price for part-ex on the Bridgestones, they didn't want them either ! I have now sent a message to Kawasaki Customer Services highlighting the numerous issues reported by both motorcycle press reviews and owners about the poor grip and wear rate of the S20 Evo's

      Let's see what sort of reply I get if any :-)

    • I have Michelin Battlax on mine.

    • Bought mine S/H with 1000 miles on the clock. Tyres looked to be ok. Have done another 700 miles since and have a complete love/hate thing going on with the bike. I put it down to the tyres mainly. In anything less than ideal weather or road conditions the S20s are awful on this bike!!

    • Yep, they're shit. Get PR4