How many of yall got the satv arms and used stock bushings and joints how hard...

How many of yall got the satv arms and used stock bushings and joints how hard was it to change

  • Was pretty easy fit real nice did both front and rear arms took about 3 hrs and I also drilled and tapped the rear Hubs for grease zerks at the bushings used a vise and a 12 pt socket for the one press in bushing on each a arm the other one simple slide out as for the ball joints there is a video on you tube how to remove the it was a snap all in all pretty easy but if u have a lift the 11 mm they say set the adjustable arms to will not work good luck

  • Cool yea they should put zerks on them smart

  • On the a arm bushing u have to push out I put a 3 inch long 3/8 drive extension threw the bolt hole and push till its flush with the arm and then put a 1 inch long 3/8 extension on for the rest of the way out them mixed up some pretty soapy water and sprayed the rubber bushing and the arm hole before re assembling all went good on my end my teryx4 had only 250 miles on it so every thing was pretty new and still clean

  • Yea mines pretty new same color can't wait getting the floorboards fixed then the arms and wheels and tires

  • I did the 2 inch satv lift when I did the a arms it went in good too

    And yes I need to go have my floorboards fixed

  • Thought bout the lift gone see how she does and if I need it for what I do then I think I'll add it want to say close to the ground and I hit the cage on limbs all the time now