How many miles have you guys put on the original chain and sprockets before...


How many miles have you guys put on the original chain and sprockets before replacing them?

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  • I usually run about 80 and I get up to speed quicker than most. haha. How far off is your Speedo?

  • About 10-12 mph at 90, according to the GPS

  • When the I'm off 4mph at 69 mph. Lol. Figured the Japanese woldnt have let that happen lol

  • Around 15.000miles (23.000km) and still going good but I ll replace until I hit 20.000miles because I do not want to risk anything. I am very gentle with throttle and gearing.

  • Mines 38kplus still good but m changing at 40k.

  • I've got a bit over 30,000 km's on mine. It's got a bit of a tight spot in it somewhere but still has a bit of life left in it yet

  • I just changed mine at 10000km, the o ring went missing. Foreman here told original chain DID most can last for 15000km.

  • If u find oring/xring with brown powder as picture, means it start to wear off.

  • Thanks guys!

  • Most rides are in the company of others that keep the pace on backroads at 70-80 mph. A bit of exploring up and down dusty / gritty gravel roads and footpaths. Generally hard acceleration, a few wheelies and some TT type jumps on tarmac when the route allows. I will say I got a bit spooked 2 years back when my DR650 broke a 525 O ring chain. A small section hit hit me in the back and the rest wrapped itself around my turnsignal.