How many l of oil do u guys exactly put in the beast

How many l of oil do u guys exactly put in the beast?

  • Royal Purple. I filled all 5 cans of 0.946 Liters each. Before you empty let the engine get warm. Open a total of 3 screws in the bottom. Remember to change oil filter and tighten only by hand!!!

  • NEVER ON Vulcan 2000 REMOVE the clutch drain plug when engine is warm or hot the clutch housing has aluminum threads the drain plug is STEEL AT SOME POINT YOU WIL STRIP THE ALUMINUM THREADS IN THE CLUTCH HOUSING then you are in deep shit........I have repaired many and replaced many clutch covers. Very costly...

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  • Do u guys have different bike than me. Mine only has two oil drains sump drain and clutch drain. Then theres the filter. I change my oil regularly 3000 miles about once every two months. Always just at or right under 6 quarts. Never have had any oil over fill problems.

  • There are 3 Tranny ..engine...clutch

  • I've got a 07 and its only got 2 plugs. takes right at 6 quarts to full mark mark on dip stick.

  • Picture is the oil pan all years bottom plug is Tranny top is engine and clutch (Not shown ) makes 3.....PLUGS.....