How many kiddos have had strep and KD at the same time Finally saw Infectious...

How many kiddos have had strep and KD at the same time? Finally saw Infectious Disease doc, and he said we may never know which she had, scarlet fever or KD. But that lots of times the two come together. Anybody else with this experience?

  • We had strep and mono and KD the same time. We were personally met by Jane Newburger at Boston Children's who told us that only blood shot eyes come with all those symptoms and being Kawasaki...if there's no blood shot eyes its Scarlet Fever.

  • Yes! He was told in hospital he had strep throat and Kawasaki together . At first they thought scarlet fever x

  • Yes, positive strep results then KD diagnosis next day.

  • Kris Lewis

  • My daughter has strep, but my son tested negative even though he was running the high fever. The doc did put him on antibiotics but the fever kept going. On day 6 he was diagnosed with Kawasaki then while in the hospital he said his throat hurt. They decided to test him since we daughter had it, and he tested positive then.

  • We were told our daughter had strep to begin with because she tested positive, but I felt something wasn't right and took her back the next day and Dr said it was KD.

  • Same

  • Blood tests done a couple of months after the start of kd showers she hadn't had scarlet fever. That's what doc told me it was first of all but she was never swabbed. She didn't get diagnosed in time for the ivig

  • He has it now all the time. (Strep) he had it a week or two before he started with his rash but it was treated with antibiotics so we knew it wasn't strep

  • I was first diagnosed with strep, then Kawasaki disease. I was 10. I'm almost 24 now

  • My son had strep. Two weeks later KD. He was misdiagnosed for nearly two weeks because of being positive for strep.

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