How easy are the KYB shocks from the ZRX1100 to take apart i m putting them on...


How easy are the KYB shocks from the ZRX1100 to take apart, i'm putting them on my B2 rebuild, and want to get them blasted and painted in red and black like the originals.

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  • They're pretty easy to strip down, compress the spring and there's a clip on the bottom pop that off and job done,

  • Cheers Kev that sounds easy enough, but what about all the other parts as i would need it stripped of everything, maybe i should send it to a specialist for stripping, have all the outer parts back ready for my painters to do their stuff, ship back to the specialist then for rebuilding.

  • To strip the innards down take it into your local bike workshop as the should have the relevant tools changing the springs can be done with a basic tool kit so if you remove the springs it will take some of the cost off and they should only take a couple of hours in the workshop to sort them for you bud plus you'll have a warranty incase they're not right,

  • I have been rebuilding these for years, and have the necessary seals and o-rings. it's not so hard, but there are some tricks.

  • here's a set on my B1