How do I check me radiator fan to find if it is working or I have another...


How do I check me radiator fan to find if it is working or I have another problem ?

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  • You will hear it running when riding in city at times if it's working.

  • Just start it and let it run, it will turn on when it gets hot

  • sometimes its difficult to see the friggin fan fins turning so i just put a big dot with white paint on mine. Now i can see it turning from a mile away lol.

  • When im riding and it kicks in I usually feel the heat on my legs

  • Now i know where the heat comes from at times ha ha

  • Yes, sir! This is the devils breath! ;)

  • no over heating . I am thinking it has not been hot enough for the fan to come on. CAN The 2 wires be reversed and cause a problem? Does the fan only come on when the bike is setting still. If the fan does not run while riding will it damage anything ?

  • it operates just like the one on a has a thermostat that decides when it runs....just do the simple test and start the bike and let it set and idle for 5 - 10 will come on, cool the engine and shut off until called to do the same thing....and yes if its cool enough, it will not run as much as it will on a 90 degree day (while riding)....and I believe the 2 wire plug can only be connected one way, but switching the electrical path would make the fan run in the wrong direction, trying to push air against the flow when riding....again it only runs when the heat in the engine goes over the temp limit of the thermostat