Hot !

  • Doesn't take much to get from stock to this ... ;)

  • yeah, only about 2000 euros

  • ouch

  • that's half what the bike cost

  • Seat, exhaust, handlebar, tires, tires again... yeah I'm probably not far from the mark after 2 years with mine. "Half what the bike cost" ? What do you think happens when you buy a classic and restore it ? It more like 10 times what the bike cost !

  • Lovely mother of God! That is a w I would lovvve

  • :)

  • The top pic is sizzling!

  • I wasn't looking at a "classic" that needed restoring. I was looking at an "original" with low mileage.

    So I couldn't see why I should spend top dollar on something that doesn't "restoring" and then spend a half the same amount again on making into something that isn't original?

    Clearer now, Jonathan Pine? Or do you still have a headache?

  • My my Jay, your clarification kinda brought more confusion... :p Dolipran anybody ? :)