Hoping for a little advice I m changing the exhausts over and was wondering if...

Hoping for a little advice, I'm changing the exhausts over and was wondering if I should put a small amount of sealant around the top of the pipes as well as the copper crush gaskets?

There seemed to be a small amount of rubbery (silicon?) type sealant in there when I pulled out the old crush gaskets out...

  • Shouldnt be necessary from a sealing perspective, but was probably used just to hold it in the correct position. I usually use a smear of grease.

  • I didn't bother and have had no issues.

  • I always use fresh copper gaskets when changing zorst system, with a dab of grease on back of gaskets to keep them in place inside zorst ports.

  • No. Yes.

  • pipes done! new copper gaskets fitted, working a treat!!!

    thanks for all the advice!!!

  • Hey, anytime Nic ! I'm sure my advice was paramount in your succesful install ! :v

  • Hah! Your killin' me, Jack!

  • You is welcome Nic. But on this occasion all credit to Jack

  • KilleR ! :)