Holy Mackerel Andy


Holy Mackerel Andy,

I am a dang good cook. Just made a delicious Rib eye steak on the grill, added some good tater salad, sweet corn, and grillin beans chased down by a good cup of fresh hot coffee and now I am stuffed like a big ole sausage. All I can say is y'all shoulda been here.

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  • Where was the invite ? lol

  • Uh, In the mail?????

  • Soon as I find a stamp.

  • Tomorrow

  • How about the rest of the" ROGUE RIDER'S" ? i know they own & can bring their appetite with them , I'll bring the kool-aid !

  • My current whereabouts is a closely guarded secret.

  • Your just wrong ,,,You should up for the Brothers ,,Man I'll remember You when I start smokin again in a few days ,, now where do you live where I can turn the fan in your direction ??