Hmmm not impressed Only just 2 years old 7600 miles one winter use and this...


Hmmm.... not impressed. Only just 2 years old, 7600 miles, one winter use, and this happens.

My last bike was a ZX10R with what appeared to be the same finish - 10 years of use, including more than half of them through winter and still as shiny as the day it came out of the crate.

Is it worth complaining to Kawasaki?

I should add the bike was professionally treated with ACF50 before this winter.

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  • Kawasaki got it spot on with the quality of the paint on the zzr1100 , everything since that era seems rubbish in comparison !

  • Early ZX10 wheels pitted the same too...shite

  • Banbury Powder Coaters are good.

  • If you complain to Kawasaki they just say "You shouldn't ride them on salty roads" Not a very helpful answer.

  • I and many others had that same problem with the BMW k gt 1600.

  • Iv just had my first winter and all my bolts went furry and powdery i emailed kawasaki and got a "yer and" they didnt give a shit

  • Yep, as we'd say in Liverpool, "they've cheaped it up". I wonder if they just think that there's so much after market modding going on they don't need to bother with the quality.

  • Gen1 a lot better quality build than the slower gen2

  • Having owned both on some things your correct the standard pipes on the gen one are much better quality but the two is more refined and has lots more go in the lower Rev's

  • I read that the gen2 was a cost cutting exercise even down to saving materials to increase the capacity

  • Not biting they are both excellent motorcycles

  • Some potentially good news is that I dug out my paperwork and lo and behold, the warranty runs out today!

    So, I've got a customer services email in (with an acknowledged response) before it runs out.

    I'll keep you all posted.

    But, it means I haven't got anything for the bike for its birthday (which is tomorrow).

  • Mine is 12 months old, it looks like it's 5 years old. This has had me thinking, and I am going to start making calls this week. To be told by your dealer "Well you shouldn't ride it in the winter" which is basically what I was told, is unacceptable. They have seen the rust themselves.

  • Well, first call to Kawasaki Customer Services sadly went down the route of "Two years is too long for a defective paint job to materialise, so it must be down to stone chipping on the roads". Really? You can tell all that from your desk? I told him that the bike was unused for 1 year, so it's had just one year's use along the lines of the use I gave my last bike for 10 years, so how come the difference?

    Doesn't it just rile you when you feel like you've become scum in the eyes of the salesman the minute your cash is handed over?

    On a more positive note, the local dealer seemed to be a lot more in agreement with me that it was more likely to be a poor paint job.