High winds rain and more flooding forecast more of the same that we ve been...


High winds, rain and more flooding forecast, more of the same that we've been having of late but yesterday…….the sun came out …...and I managed a quick cheeky 40 mile ride out to the Town of Olney (Historic market Town famous for William Cowper who wrote 'Amazing Grace', it's Dickensian Market and the Original Pancake Race….just incase your interested). Thought roads would be quiet…... not so the World, his wife and their dog were out there!

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  • I forgot the name of one in east London; dock district, by the Thames where I used to go from time to time, must be a hip place now, otherway the locals in Peckam were all right!

  • I had a look at it through google map, the area did change! 30 years ago it was deserted and you felt as in a Dickens' novel!

  • last time I was in London I don't remember where I spent the nights... :) I was sixteen... Went with some fellows... we woke up early in the night and went to bed late in the morning :)...

  • A 40 mile ride, should allow for 3 pints of ale ;-)

  • Want to go to the Hanging Judges pub in Wapping (Prospect of Whitby), 'haps next time I'm there. As to riding/driving and drinking, I don't. Once had a shandy made from Theakstons ale…sacrilege! never again!

  • Pints after the ride off course :-)

  • If I ever come back to London we might have a roud at th Prospect of Whitby Raven, you never know, in one year time I am going to retire... :)

  • The first one will be on me!

  • that's a deal!

  • That would be so cool!