Hi to all again I am sorry to post again but am still not satisfied with my...


Hi to all again, I am sorry to post again but am still not satisfied with my daughters final assessment letter they have said they have ruled out Kawasaki due to all her bloods being normal her tongue just bring red tongue, that her mood was not typical of Kawasaki they was not seeing what I saw at home she was vile for weeks!!! Completely different!!! That she did not have desquamation of her soles but she has exactly like her hands her feet done the same I will show a picture in a minute but this was after seeing the pediatrician ,they said her platelets are decreased of 451 and normal esr but this is after all her symptoms can anyone give advice as they said she had an inter current viral illness, also they said her ECG was normal but the pediatrician said before if all blood tests came back ok she would have a heart scan??? What viral illness causes hands and feet to peel rash cracked lips swollen and red eye etc???

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  • Me and my partner was talking about this yesterday and we were thinking this all could be to do with a few years ago , my daughter was around 2/3 and was in and out of hospital with high temperature to the point the doctors stripped her off and put a fan right by her as it would not go down they then every four hours were giving her medication to try and bring her temp down she was so ill back then we assumed it was the hole in her heart that caused it as the cardiac doc found it when he was checking her Rhythm she had always got ill and was very poorly she had a rash also and conjunctivitus in both eyes so bad etc but can't remember what they said it was so could that have been a mis diagnosed kid back then and it's come back hence why she hasn't had a temp all the wAy through this time? But all other symptoms? Xx

  • She also had to have a card with her at all times luckily after a year they said her hole had closed up and was all ok so was in the clear!! Xx

  • Angie, ask her consultant to review that period in her notes. Though re-occurrence does happen, its extremely rare - Uk figure is approx 2% xxx

  • That sort of answers that then mucky very unlikely that it was that then, thank you xxx

  • Nicky sorry this auto correct is a mare lol xxx

  • Angie Andrews, How did the appt go today? Thinking of you x

  • Hello to everyone, Kiera had her scan this morning and there is a perfect heart no blockages or anything!! So they said they think that she did have an intercurrant viral illness which probably caused the hands to peel as the heart is fine only a slight murmur which is appetantly fine it won't cause problems to her and won't need any follow ups with the peadatrition he will now put forward what he has done today and the out come of the scan to the peadatrition and now treat her like normal with no worries!! Thank you all for your advice help and care towards us we really appreciate it xxxx

  • So happy for you Angie Andrews, God bless all the incredible people in this and other support groups!!!!

  • They are fantastic!! Wonderful people it's so good that we have people like this that can help like they do xxx

  • That's great news Angie Andrews. So happy for you all xx