hi there just came from a kawasaki dealer a little bit shocked because he told...


hi there! just came from a kawasaki dealer a little bit shocked because he told me that the new gas that's replacing old 95 octane is a possible threat to old engines like w650's, does anyone has some information about it? Is this for real? thanks and ride safe!

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  • Your dealer probably refers to E10, which is 95 octane with 10% ethanol. Ethanol is indeed very bad for seals and gaskets, especially on old engines that wre not designed for that fuel. However you do find SP98 in Italy, and you should never use anything else anyway. Always fill up with the highest octane rating fuel available.

  • sp95 is ok, e10 is supposed to have too much ethanol in it

  • So what's wrong with 91 octane? Not available?

  • Brussels, he's in/near Brussels :-P

  • In Belgium there's only 95 and 98, and (almost) all contain ethanol.

    "Super95" or "Euro95" (4 to 5% ethanol) is no longer available and is replaced by "Benzine 95-E10" (10% ethanol). Non-compatible older engines will have to change to "Super 98" (4 to 5% ethanol). In Belgium, there will hardly be any fuel available with 0% ethanol.

    https://www.touring.be/nl/artikels/super-95-verdwi jnt-wat-verandert-er-voor-jouw-auto#10

  • Poor advice, highest octane is not always best and indeed would be worse in many older engines, and in small capacity high revving engines. Dont believe the marketing bullshit, do actual testing and research.

  • Nothing wrong with 91 or 95, better off using those than 98 anyway, its a low performance engine higher octane fuel is of no use and is more likely to foul spark plugs.

  • It's not about the octane, but about the alcohol. I 'ld prefer drinking it ;-)

  • Definitely better off drinking it, less energy in alcohol so its costing you more per mile than petrol does!

  • The W650 isnt high compression so the octane isnt the issue. Ethanol does degrade older gaskets, o rings, diaphragms etc though. In fuel lines and carbs.

  • At least we don't have plastic fuel tanks.

  • I don't know anything about this ... just putting it out there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4M4vV_vd7I

  • Scott, a W engine is not an "old" engine.

  • No, it is not an "old" engine but it is not a high performance engine or a modern engine by any means. Compression ratio of around 8:1, static ignition timing 0 degrees, these are more closely related to a stationary farm engine than they are to a performance engine. I dont mean it as an insult, they will last forever, but putting 98 octane fuel in them is a waste and detrimental to the motor, so right back to my statement, which stands.

  • 98 octane remains the best alternative when the other choice is only E10 -which is what we see here more and more. "regular" 95, ethanol free is no longer available everywhere as it used to. The "waste" aspect does not apply if 98 is the only available option. Care to explain the "detrimental to the motor" part please ?

  • Kris Kipper Vandenberghe Oh. Didn't realize that.

  • been reading a lot of comments about the use of this kind of products in the usa, first thing i will do tomorrow is empty my gas tank and fill it with 98 (less ethanol than the 95-E10 right?), but i will buy a bottle of this crazy juice, it looks like it was fist used with marine motors and then with gardening motors, will keep you posted! does anyone already used this?

  • Nope. 98 in both bikes, with additive in the airhead as its not designed for unleaded.

  • I had to add a lead replacer in my '78 Electra as well, even before unleaded was mandatory as the lead level was already too low. Those additives are quite expensive, so when the engine needed another rebuild, the valve seats were changed so now I can use unleaded.

    Trouble is that standard 98 has near 5% ethanol so I should add anti-alcohol liquid now...

  • Don't these additives that claim to remove water work using added alcohol? Isn't that what we're trying to avoid?

  • Not sure. I spoke with people at Total about their Excellium SP and they told me the level of ethanol can't be avoided, but is ridiculously low (less than 1%) compared to standard SPs. When we cracked open the airhead engine at 110000 kms, valves and vajves seats were fine.

  • AMF shovelheads need to be opened every 40000...

    In Belgium, the "standard" fuels contain near 5% ethanol. However, petrol companies often deliver a "special" and "better performing" line of fuels, like Total with its Excellium. Indeed, those "specials" generally contain less ethanol.

  • 40k? Whoa !! That's once a year ! By the by, weren't you trying to sell it last year ?

  • Wanted to sell it, nobody willing to pay enough, so stuck ith it. Then my daughter says she doesn't want it gone, and my wife agrees with her...

    I ride the Widecar. I ride the Blitz. I think of the 'Lectra. I buy my wife a Skutr. Now there has to be extra room in the garage...