hi there. does anyone know diameter of handlebar grips. thanks

hi there! does anyone know diameter of handlebar grips? thanks!

  • 22 mm if you are referring to OEM handlebar. The W650 has a weird handlebar, with a central section at 28mm and grip area at 22mm. So if you need to change the handlebar, you have to go for 22mm and use shims to compensate on the controls area.

  • Thanks Jack Linden! looking for some white or pearl grips!

  • Buy a set in 22mm, or 7/8inch. They will fit.

  • Thanks again!

  • No problem bro ;)

  • Nice - white pearl. Where from? Like the sound of those

  • found some on ebay! Big port cream grips!

  • You can also use white leather over the originals to a good result

  • Yep... Or white duct tape, the poor man's leather... :D