Hi thanks for letting me join the group. Just bought a 99 bike this week


Hi - thanks for letting me join the group. Just bought a 99 bike this week. Looking forward to riding and enjoying it but it's so quiet. What's the best and cheapest way of getting a proper noise ! I live in West Wales

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  • Hi Roy, you may have to make up a long drill bit, I used masonary bits that were nice and long, but I am a bit of a bodger! 26mm diameter straight through quite loud when accelerating but not too loud while cruising. Good luck!

  • Hi Roy this is what you want to remove mate, it's about 10" long held in by 2 blobs of weld. Either hole cutter or dremel the weld off & pull the tube out, it will have wadding wrapped around it too. Some come out easy some are stubborn & you may have to make a puller out of all thread to pull it from the inside. Remember not to pull in the same spot, rotate it around the baffle tube so you don't flatten over the end mate as that will prevent it from coming out. Once these are removed you will have a rich sweet tone to your bike. If you choose the easy way of going right through with a drill you will loose the nice tone & have a noise which you are stuck with & may not like.

  • A dead baffle.

  • The sound baffles me!

  • Don't they call those "waffles" in your neck of the wood ?

  • Only if they're "dipped" :-P

    In whipped cream and sugar

  • Not my cup of tea.

  • Cheapest - buy a two-stroker... :P

  • Thanks for all the advice - I'll let you know what I do. Cheers !!