Hi SX riders

Hi SX riders!

Can I check which aftermarket end cans will fit the 2014 SX with original Kawasaki panniers?

So far I only know akrapovic has no issue.

Anybody has tried the yoshi R77 with the panniers on?

  • Oh I was referring to the 14 Kawasaki panniers. Not the givi ones :/

  • Noven Delarosa kawasaki original panniers are from givi. Just that they are rebranded. Haha! End cans wise. Akra. LV 1. Laser. Yoshi. Austin Racing. Haha!

  • Oh isit? Are these brands you mentioned able to fit and won't hit the 14 panniers? So I know akra and laser. Lv and yoshi I'm not that sure as from the looks of it. Will probably hit the pannier

  • I own 2011 model and LV cans do not touch Givi paniers. There is enough space so that no heat goes upwards to the paniers :)

  • The best... Vane and Hines ... hu hu hu.. no issue at all

  • Akrapovic looks awesome!

  • Akrapovic fits perfectly I have a 2014 with a 4 into 2 into to full system and my panniers work perfect and it sounds great. The slip ons work with the standard headers as well as the akro's

  • Vance and hines urban brawler m8. Thats what I'm getting for my 14 plate eith panniers

  • Just got my new exhausts, I'm sure they would be ok with 2014 paniers, not bad for £20 ☺