HI someone my girlfriend just rolled over my W with my car who has a back...


HI, someone (my girlfriend) just rolled over my W (with my car, who has a back camera), luckily :S ... only my right foot peg is broken from the mounting, any idea where I can order a new one. Thanks for the help.

-Desperate guy from Canada

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  • Kawa canada should have it,

  • I bet it was on purpose. You need to give her more time... don't spend it all with the most important thing in your life (the w, that is)

  • EBay, kawa, or if you are looking for a reputable thing... look for the contacts of people who has gone the rear set ways (wrenchmonkees have a second hand parts page)

  • I've checked on Ebay, there's nothing there, I will check with the local dealer. Thanks for the comments, but I think it's easier and less complicated to change the part... :)

  • I explained badly, these people have the part you need lying around ;)

  • sorry, it's not clear from your post, are you trying to order a new footpeg or a new girlfriend?

  • Maybe she should be finding you a new foot peg.

  • my wife did that too both my KH250's.

  • Got the part from my local dealer for $65 buck...will send the girlfriend to go get it :)

  • Be happy, $65 is not so expensive for such a hi-tech part! ;-)

  • Wounder :-(