hi people noticed that one my right exhaust is way hotter than the other one I...

hi people! noticed that one my right exhaust is way hotter than the other one, I've changed oil and oil filter yesterday and noticed this today after a 10 minute ride. anyone noticed the same? thanks!

  • You might have to change your carbs air setting since you open your pipes. tech english is too difficult for me to go farther.

  • As it was said before...The reason could be almost anything. But as you said it did not run for a year, my first guess it is idle jet.

  • Or the crankshat knocking on the radiator hose, right besides the exhaust manifold and through the side valves. Or the top ones. Whatever.

  • Much better with new plugs, clean air filters and carburetors drained, but unfortunately I didn't screw as much as I needed the bottom screws as seen on the picture, so during my ride I lost one... f#*ck. does anyone have a part number or where I Coul buy it? Thanks again!

  • Your Kaw dealer will get it.

  • Is listed as carburetor drain screw but no number or ref in the manual...

  • hey will get it on the "micro fiches" at the shop!

  • cool thanks jean! do you know if it's for a 99 model? I will check 3bay also!

  • Federico Gilardoni i thing it's part's for all model

    May be in another carb on kawa ?

  • No, not because of a mere debaffling.

  • Well, after cleaning air filters, changing spark plugs and battery, the bike performs much better, but more ducati soul than kawasaki, so I think carb sinchronization and full carb cleaning will be necessary. The exhausts seem to have same temperature now, I will check spark plugs next week to see mixture. Thanks to everyone!