Hi peeps

Hi peeps .

Looking for any tips in the replacement of plugs . Bike all stripped as renewing coolant . And downpipes . But there doesn't seem to be much space . Doing it at the weekend if anyone has any tips or advice thanks

  • The best tool is the spark plug spanner from the underseat toolkit...not supplied after 2011 as deemed a technicians job. Get one off ebay or a 3/8 drive socket with a short extension. Be careful with the coil sticks because they'll probably be stuck. Twisting action prior to pulling will help. There is enough room once the loom brackets are moved....take photos so they go back where they came from. 1 hour to get to them. 10 minutes to change...another hour to rebuild.

  • Jesus . What a ball ache . And I thought the ones on my old blackbird where a bitch lol.

  • Its just getting in there...a lot easier than my zx10r which you have to remove tank...air box and front engine mounts

  • Bloody hell . I'm thinking with it all stripped just take it to local bike shop and get them to do it ha ha .

  • And tbe price of plugs lol hopefully Mrs won't find out Pmsl

  • If you have it all stripped down it is easy. You just need the right length extension on a 3/8 plug socket. Oh and a magnetic pickup tool is handy if the plugs won't stay in the plug socket.

  • Cheers m8. Yeah all plastics are off . Radiator is off as I'm going to spray the ends up with some tough black were it's weathered . Front pipes are off as putting g new ones on . Just fat hands and tight space to conquer lol.

  • Dunno if you know these workshop tips or not...if you need something to stay in a socket use a paper towel jammed inbetween head and socket and simply hold a decent magnet on any tool to magnetise it

  • The worst bit is taking all the effort to change them only to find they look the same as the new ones

  • Cheers Andrew Brassington any tips glady taken ☺☺☺

  • Ha ha ha well I've just done all the oil filters . Air filters . Put new pads in . New braided lines . Full coolant flush . New pipes . So may aswell do the plugs while it's stripped . According to the service stamps they gt done at 20 k bikes on 35k so may as well lol.

  • Yeah, I have loads of broken speaker magnets for just these jobs.

  • I did mine last week and agree the tool kit under the seat is the best