Hi need your advice i sold my Z750R and i have now the Z800R i have a new set...

Hi , need your advice , i sold my Z750R and i have now the Z800R , i have a new set of Sprockets + chain (from the z750) , can i use this Set on the Z800? i understand that im loosing acceletion and worth top speed , need your opinion :

Z750R set:

Rear: 43T


Chain: 520 112 linsk

The original Z800 come with this set:



Chain:52 0 114 Links

  • Im not sure that chain will fit

  • me too:( its 112 links and the spec is 114 links

  • You could put the chain on loose and see how tight it is..but I think it would be too tight?

  • Could donate it to me

  • Jonathan Forde 2 x links its too much its sound little but im afraid that it will not fit , i dont want to try to open the package , maybe i can sell it

  • i want to sell it , i can do dicount from the fixed price

  • its a Top end set

  • Yes..I removed 2 links from my chain when I swapped my swingarm out. Its surprising how much difference it makes

  • Looking to change mine shortly, probably end of next month to be honest. I was going to go for a renthal anodised rear sprocket and a gold did chain.

  • Hi Tim, See on Amazon the price of this set I can sell it if you are intresting with 25% discount

  • Omg y u sold z750r :o

    How much u buy rear sprocket 43t?

  • yes , i have z800 2014 beast

  • the rear 43T cost 95$

  • I have the same sproket but I also got a silent front sproket

  • Charlie Chantler is it also 43T ? what is the links Number of your chain? its a 750 .. its 43 ,, got it

  • Yeah 43 tooth standard gearing and 2 secs ill go and check mate aint fitted the chain yet

  • 112 I think mate it's a did x ring chain