• Hi just picked up a 2000 zx7r that hasn t been run for 9years And advice on...

    Hi just picked up a 2000 zx7r that hasn't been run for 9years!!!! And advice on what to do before I get it running ie should I change oil,plugs etc or just stick battery on and new fuel and spin her up?

    • Spin it over by hand first I would get some oil back up to the top

    • Just don't rev it let it just tick over and warm up... saves blowing cranks

    • My zx6r f3 stood for 10 years before I bought it. I took the tank off, flushed it out with clean fuel, drained the float bowls, changed the oil, checked it had coolant, fitted new battery, had keys made - it didnt come with any, full choke, turned key and BWAAHR woohoo started first time. Switched it off after checking nothing was pouring out of it then settled into refurbishing it

    • Get oil to top end first

    • Thanks for the advice guys,much appreciated!!!

    • Keith has the right idea , i just picked up a 97 zx7r myself. making a tribute bike outta it . Good luck with yours. I'm still polishing

    • Change the oil

    • Hi did u do the handlebar conversion, just wondering what one it is and do the cables have to be changed for longer ones, thinking of doing mine , cheers

    • Scott Shaw hi scott the bike came already converted with zx9r b1 ud forks and top yoke clamps for bars. On e bay you can get an extension for the speedo cable, the only 1 I needed. Bought the bike blind, unseen as soon as I heard it had the front end done - for £200 !!! But after Hagon shock, forks rechrome and rebuild, tyres, rewiring, MOT lights, hugger, end can etc etc I stopped counting the cost.....

    • Ok, thanks mate, I still got standard forks on mine,looks nice though