Hi if I take the baffles out of my scorpion cans will it affect the running of...


Hi if I take the baffles out of my scorpion cans will it affect the running of my bike

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  • Snap

  • Lol getting carried away with the photo's now

  • Mean looking eh

  • Like those shorter mirrors Paul

  • Only way i can get it through the garden gate .

  • Problem with the big z is there is always something else i want to add be it HId lights, ECu map, more carbon fibre , suspension upgrades . Great problems to have but problems all the same .....;-)

  • I have a little z as well Paul

  • Never actually owned the 1100 but my brother had one seemed like a missile back then .My little run around much more humble but still fun

  • No baffles in my Akras, at best you'll get 1bhp but taking them out shouldn't affect normal running.

  • AS others have said, no it won't. Took baffles out of gen 1/2 Tuono V4R & Superduke. Certainly a lot louder, but no differance in running in any rev range :)

  • Paul Bailey Paul where did you get those shorter mirrors. I have issues when folding in mine they completely slacken off and I have to get Allen key out everytime. This would solve my issues coming thru gate.

  • They are standard mirrors .just carbon fibre mirror covers .just folded back to fit through my gate. I carry the ecact same allen key with me as i have same issue with them getting loose .

  • Paul Bailey Paul look at the length of my mirror arms

  • Paul Bailey my zzr1100 are a better idea they have a spring loaded cup assembly on the mirrors and they never come loose. I wondered if there would be a way with a couple of split washers of keeping tension on them to keep having to tighten them up. Just a thought??