Hi I ve recently bought this light below for my Z but upon fitting it I ve...

Hi I've recently bought this light below for my Z, but upon fitting it I've stumbled into a problem, the light unit has one plug for the brake light (no problems) but the indicators have one yellow wire with no plug on the end, how do I connect this to the plug with two wires coming from the bike?

I've tried wiring it to each one separately and to both together, but nothing? I'm probably being really stupid but I'm no good with wiring.

I also have the LED relay plugged in.

Thank you.

  • You can get wire joiners from halfords..or carefully remove some of the covering on the earth wire and wrap the other earths around the exposed earth. Then tape up.

  • So I just connect the earth wires together and then one indicator to each corresponding wire then that's it?

  • That's it buddy

  • Okay cool I'll let you know how it goes

  • I don't need resistors do I?

  • Yes...or a relay

  • I have relay

  • You should be ok then

  • Okay that works but when the engine is running they stay solid, but when just electrics on they work like normal, what now lol

  • Relay?