Hi I need some help from you

Hi, I need some help from you

I brought my 55 plate ER-5 in December last year. It had 33000 miles on the clock and had been SORN for the last 3 years. The garage MOTed and serviced it before I picked it up.

I just done a 100 mile run on it a found the right footpeg vibrated so badly that my foot was numb. The left had no vibration at all. The rear tyre had been changed and re-balanced about 50 miles previously.

Also, my speedo seams wildly out as it recorded the 100 miles as over 150!. Does that mean 70mph is really only 40-50? And my total miles is not 35000 as it states?

  • Daft question but have you checked the peg hanger is on tight and if there is a lot of movement in the peg itself?

  • Could be crash repaired but forgot about the hanger... Call the garage and get them to check it out and make the repairs

  • I wonder if this is an import with a kilometre clock but a miles face on it? 100 miles = 160.93 kilometres. On the plus side 33,000 kilometres = 23,505 miles.

  • It's a 55 plate that was first UK registered in 2009 so it may well have been imported. The speed seems right, but the distance is not. Is that possible to have on an import?

  • Can someone post a close up pic of their clocks so i can compare? maybe someone with a UK bike and imported bike in KPH?

  • Just checked - Peg hanger is tight and very little movement in the peg itself

  • Here's mine

  • Pipe not touching it mounted to the hanger is it ?

  • Don't know for sure, but seems feasible to me.

  • Mine says 80km/u When I drive 80 so I always drive to fast

  • Could have just been one they had unregistered at the dealership till they sold it in 2009 it's fairly common with cars

  • Could be a KPH speedo with an mph clock face on it.

  • got to be a km gearing got in on the oddometer...how odd.......do the oddometer and the mileage match, ie do they click over at the same rate..?

  • Have a look at where the speedo cable goes into the clock mate. Is there a little metal barrel thing screwed into the clock? If so it could be a mph to kph speedo converter. I only suggest it because I have a kph to mph converter on mine. I smashed the original clocks off during an incident a few years ago and I had to get European clocks. Stands to reason somebody might have converted it the other way.

  • More things to confirm that it is an import .... There is a sticker on the fuel tank in Italian (i think) and when i bought the bike it came with Italian immobiliser which my insurance company doesn't recognise.