HI I need a small favour from other members in this club I m a biker and have...

HI I need a small favour from other members in this club. I’m a biker and have been riding all year round since I was 17 (ayr in SWEDEN..means I have driven 40miles in – 24C) I am also a co owner and run a small company called MC Taxi!! U read right. We’re not a big operation nor is the market big enough for us 2 grow, however we do love what we do. What I would like your help with is if you could join membership in our MC TAXI fans club.

Simple reason, we’re constantly struggling each new season against the local authorities 2 have our permits renewed. Hopefully we can use Facebook 2 show that we have a following including potential tourists (who generate a revenue in tax from them).

So PLEASE help a fellow biker out with a few clicks in order to get membership, OH and feel free to nag 20 of your mates too (but for once it’s not essential)

THANKS, Ride safe. Up here it’s –22C & as the bikers up here say

When hell freezes over,.. I’ll ride there too