Hi I have remove the air box and I put cones what changes to make in the...


Hi, I have remove the air box and I put cones what changes to make in the carburetor

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  • Yes, yes they do

  • Oops, I deleted my comments after I saw yours appearing (late), Scott... :)

  • Whoa! You engaged in such major mods without thinking the whole thing through ?

  • Bigger main jets .

  • Don't forget the pilot and the needle. Much cheaper to buy them as a kit, plus he gets instructions which are clearly needed if he had to ask this question in the first place

  • I put on some aftermarket exhausts with k&n pod filters and the bike would hardly run on stock fuelling. This worked for me and I hope it helps...... Get a stage 1 dynojet kit. Fit the springs and needles from the kit (E-clip on 4th groove from the top). Ditch the jets as they are too small. Source and fit #38 pilot jets and #145 main jets. Set mixture screw 3 turns out and balance the carbs...... Not perfect but pretty damn close!

  • I just took mine to my mechanic and asked for the bike to be rejetted. After trying a 125 & 135 main jet he settled on a 130 with four full turns of the mixture screw. Bike runs like a dream. Cost $320 Australian.

  • sorry my English is not very good, I wanted to know what is the size of main jet, and how much to increase it?

  • You *will need* needles as well. The stock needles are different on the left and right sides to account for the design of the air box. You put pods on it and your getting equal airflow you need matching new needles. Then you need the main jet as well and to run really nice also the pilot jet, and modify the slide.

    You could waste time tracking down each individual part separately, or you could buy a pre made jet kit that comes with it all plus instructions for a fraction of the cost. Dynojet jet kit. Can't make it any simpler. You can make it run with just bigger jets and shim the stock needles but never be as good as a properly set up bike with matching needles

  • Unfortunately dynojet no longer make a stage 3 kit. Their stage 1 is designed to work with stock airbox with stock or aftermarket filters, NOT pod filters, and is actually supplied with main jets that are smaller than stock, and no pilot jets!