Hi has anyone had any success fitting a sat nav phone holder to the zzr1100 d

Hi has anyone had any success fitting a sat nav/ phone holder to the zzr1100 d?

  • Excellent Gavin Margrie thanks again

  • A pic would be great Gavin Margrie

  • In the am bud !!

  • A 12 mm allen key with a bit of pipe glued around it , a cheap arsed case from ebay and away you go. The 12mm allen key fits in the steering headstock nut.

  • Would a car windscreen sucker mount work on a bike screen?

  • I never trust those suckers!

  • Haha

  • Neat solution.

    Wouldn't work on a C though, no hex hole in the top yoke nut.

  • Get a D, never look back (all you'll see, is a C :D )

  • Nah, the D isn't as pretty.

  • I used a cycling one. Ebay, about $5. Mounts a Galaxy S5.

  • What happens when it rains? Are Samsung phones waterproof? iPhones aren't.

  • It gets wet ?!?!?

  • Water resistant. Though not whilst plugged in.

  • I wouldn't chance it.

  • I used an iPad in the map pocket of a magnetic tank bag with reasonable success. It got quite hot in there after 3 hours on the road and had to be turned off. But it was easy to use.

  • Rode through torrential rain in September. No problems.

  • I do that with my iPhone when I've got my tank bag on, but it's a PITA having to get my specs out every time I want to look at it.

  • Samsungs are probably safer in the wet.

  • I have been using my car sat nav for years now on several different bikes by just using the standard suction cup and sticking it to the rev counter. Has always worked for me. Done 1000s of miles every time I tour around the UK like that. Does always sit behind a screen though. Never any issues :-)

  • I guess you don't really need the tacho for touring.

  • Nope... If we can't tell whether we are over screaming the nuts out of our bikes than perhaps we shouldn't be riding :-o

  • I could live without it, it's actually a nuisance as I'm just the right height to see myself in the glass. Puts me off.

  • I use this with garmin mount. www.telferizer.com/

  • I'd rather have a bigger speedo and smaller tacho, much more useful. I remember the clocks on one of my GPz's, the speedo was tiny but the tacho was about twice the size. Just silly.

  • I use a cheep Binatone with ear plugs bloody great