• hi guys who got the michelin pilot road 3 on his bike

    hi guys who got the michelin pilot road 3 on his bike.

    I did 9000 km with my first bridgestone tire..

    • Try angel GT and also BT31... it better for touring bike...

    • i used Angel GT can go approximately 24K kilometres...

    • Pilot Road 4 is proving fantastic. It's a real development, like an old BMW to a Z1000SX :)

    • but supercosa v2 ...d best...

    • In the warm and dry maybe you lucky sod, meantime in UK with rain and snow :)

    • Rain... we used to that... snow... the answer... in blanket.. he he he

    • I have m, n 2nd set of tires are on it BT023 Bridgstone but who give birth not only after consultation with various people and what motorshops I go there in the spring the Michelin Pilot Road 3 or 4 on record and that will be a lot better than the BT023 because it has not enough grip and is quite a good band but not for the Z1000SX nor in the Netherlands where the temprature is a lot different when you're in warmer parts of the world drives and tape there is reasonably good. And the original set of tires BT016 were super great good, but were so worn out with me 5200 miles all

    • Dus Rini jij blijft bij de BT023?

    • I got pilot road 3 and pilot road 4

    • 1000 miles on the Pilot Road 4's now. Stopping distance to stationary from 70mph on wet is about 3 metres better and it grips like velcro from mile 2.