Hi guys picked up a 15 plate z1000sx yesterday awesome bike but just a few...


Hi guys picked up a 15 plate z1000sx yesterday awesome bike but just a few things, while riding the bike seems to have a lot of vibration I.e you can feel it all through the frame is this a feature or something wrong ha also by looking through posts on here it seems everyone has issue with the seat so is this a recommended change

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  • Mine was quite vibey. Seat was bloody awful! I got a gel insert fitted to the standard seat by Tony Archer in Huddersfield - for £70 after spending over £300 on the official Kwak gel seat which was just as bad!

  • Does changing the seat help disguise the vibeyness ha

  • It didn't with mine but this did! LOL!

  • Kawasaki think that the vibes add to the experience, personally I could do without them. At 7000rpm something vibrates on the front end too so I need to find out what that is.

  • I used to struggle with vision in the mirrors as they vibrated so much. I remember looking at the fuel station price per litre green lights in the mirror once & could not make out a single number as they looked like fireflies flitting around!

  • Ooooh where did you get the monkey from I'll see if it helps with me be

  • He's a sheep!

  • A well travelled mucky sheep called Settle who has been on the back of my F800ST, VFR, pictured here on my SX & now on the R1200RS.

  • Was Tony's seat alteration better then Helen? I am looking to change or alter mine for something more suited to long rides.

  • It was fantastic! We do 3,500 miles on tour over 2 weeks each summer & it made all the difference for a fraction of the official gel seat. He uses medical grade gel & extra foam on top & visually it doesn't look that different. The official gel seat looks well sexy but I hated it. Other blokes loved it but I would try the insert option first and save the cash towards Ackros or something!

  • Helen Skidmore that sounds great. It is hard to choose when you can't actually try the seats out first and I don't want to spend a few hundred and find there isn't much difference. Do you have a photo of your seat? I did phone Tony last week but he didn't have any sample shots. It was £100 to alter both seats (I presume by adding foam and re-covering) and an extra £60 per seat if gel is added.

  • Never had any problems with mine apart from the seat, I just added extra foam to the seat, oh I am a upholsterer!

  • Struggled to find a pic but zoomed in on this from the blog of our Slovenia tour!

  • I only had the rider seat done as the pillion was happy with his!

  • Thanks Helen! I think I will give Tony a try then. Do you think the extra foam is enough or do I need the gel as well?

  • I would go for the gel. It's medical grade so what they use for bed-bound patients in hospitals.

  • I've fitted a Sargent seat on mine and it's a cracking comfortable seat highly recommended as for the vibration I get a vibration on mr foot peg but that's all it's a bit of the kawasaki feel

  • What are you trying to say Helen?!?!?

  • If it's good for people lying on their backs for days on end then it's good enough for an arse on a bike for 8 hours!

  • I don't have any of the vibrations issues, but the seat is awfull. I'm going to order a 40€ gel seat.

  • Check the pannier bracket has rubber washers between bracket and mountings as this was a problem on mine. Was a quick easy fix for me

  • Never had a problem with the seat really, but I'm used to quite firm seats. And never found it particularly vibey, but my previous bike was a vtwin