Hi guys n girls. Was told about this page by somebody elsewhere

Hi guys n girls.Was told about this page by somebody elsewhere.

Been looking for a hugger for my er5 but they are 80quid.

Has anyone used a hugger from another bike on their er5?

Honda cbr125 ones go for £13 on eBay.

Thanks in advance all

  • There was talk about this not long ago with someone saying they were using one from another bike but I can't remember what so it might be worth scrolling back a bit see if you can spot that one. Me I use the pyramid plastics one got it and sprayed it. Sometimes they come up on eBay but used ones are rare.

  • Yeah I've noticed they rarely come up used.

    Trying to mod a gpz500 belly pan atm

  • Theres a few on here with the Gpz belly pan. My brother put one on his too it looks good when it's done.

  • I made one from a yamaha tdm 850 fit with very little trimming

  • That's what I'm talking about.

    What these companies charge is crazy.

    Did you get one from eBay cheap?

  • Yes, only cost me something like £15 delivered (Y)

  • Exellent.

    I will start looking around.


  • Ass end isn't the issue its the short front gard that throws crap into the rad thats the problem ,as much as it dont look very nice I'm going to extend my front gard to protect my new rad.old one was solid with dirt and road tar , poor thing stood no chance of keeping the motor cool .

  • I have a front fender extender on.

    Rear swing arm is rusted from gunk from back wheel

  • Yer mine was quite bad , let me know if you find a good cheap answer to it and how it fits on might have to think about it myself ,as the swing arms are thin pressed steel .

  • Ive done that too with an old er mudguard i had and cut up.

  • Have you stripped and repainted your er5?

  • I like:)

  • I never totally stripped it but i did give the frame a quick lick of paint a few years ago.

  • Spray or brush???

    I thought about painting my Swingarm with Hammerite

  • I painted it with smoothrite and its stood up to the abuse well to be fair.