Hi guys im 6 5 20 stone in weight do ye think im too big for a w650 i love...


Hi guys im 6'5" 20 stone in weight...do ye think im too big for a w650....i love the look o them..

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  • On longer rides you will need crash bars with pegs to stretch out, as you're a bit tall for this bike. I have done a 600+ mile day on mine, avoiding highways when possible, and can tell you the pegs were handy-I don't use mine to putter around from bar to bar. Try this site http://cycle-ergo.com

  • This is me and I'm very average at 5'9".

  • 6'4", 210 here. Love mine, haven't been uncomfortable yet.

  • 6'2" and 240 lbs. Been riding the Dub since 2004. Started riding in 1970. Might be the best all around every day moto I've owned, and I've owned some great ones. Can't say enough good about it. Most likely upgrades (1) seat because of the "hump" which bothers taller riders more than short guys like Jack :) (2) suspension to give better handling and eliminate the nose drive during braking (3) braided brake line for stiffer front brake feel. I've never felt the need for crash bar mounted pegs, but I avoid boring multi-lane roads at all cost.

  • Use this website. Pick the bike, feed in the numbers: http://cycle-ergo.com/

  • My son is 6 foot 2 and has no problems riding my W650, and the seat has been lowered because my wife who rides it is short.

  • Do it mate. Life is to short not to.

  • Malcolm...saw some o yer pics...yea wee once wer cool lookin....am thinkin i will go fur it...

  • John I am 6'1 and 15 stone and I have no problems, in fact iI love my w650.

  • Here's my take. I am 56 years old 5' 11" and 230 Lbs. I would not know just getting bike about very long hauls but the 100 miles I have had the chance to ride I would bet it would be a mistake if you did not take advantage of opportunity.

  • Bernie Giconi im 57..6'5" n 290lbs been round bikes all ma life..basically into trail bikes adventure...had a few cruisers...am thinkin i may swamp it..

  • Don't give up the ghost yet man. You are to young. I would love just one more time to ride a 150 HP sport bike....

  • As well as a W650

  • I had a 1995 VF1000R and wish that I still had it.

  • Ive always considered myself a plodder.even with the xt660s ave had in the past..im not giving it up only thinkin i may be too big for it...i do want one..

  • I just sold a 1994 DR350SE and though I never really went off road it was a awesome bike to own..

  • I have a dr250se just now..

  • Its a 94

  • I have ridden 2 up on the W650 with my wife on the back both of us are generously proportioned with no problems.