Hi guys if I decat my Acropovics do I have to remap I ve had them off and they...


Hi guys if I decat my Acropovics do I have to remap? I've had them off and they sit in where the cans meet the mid connector pipes. I've circled where there situated

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  • Craig, I've yet to have a motorcycle emissions checked on an MoT so I wouldn't worry dude. ..

  • The cats are there for emissions regulations Craig Sawyer. There is no emissions test in the bike mot.

  • Leave em off

  • Its coming in very soon according to the chap who tested mine last week

  • Loud pipes are supposed to fail the mot but don't so I wouldn't worry too much about cats in the pipes as they can't retro test emissions as when the bike bike was built there was not a standard established for pass or fail it will only apply to newer bikes and anyhow there is a cat in the downpipes in between the twin outlets

  • It's been proposed by the EU Chris Highway but as bike testing is at present voluntary throughout the EU. At present member states have the choice whether or not they make it law to mot bikes. The UK decided to make it law, many haven't yet introduced annual bike tests so emissions testing is still some way off, and as Gary said it is unlikely to be retrospectively applied.

  • Yeah i wasnt sure. Cheers lads for the info. Didnt just want to start hacking away. Haha :)

  • They dont check exhaust emissions on motorbikes as yet

  • As I said was at the mot station the other day and he said its being installed very soon .I didn't expect it but he told me its happening soon ???? He was saying he hopes he doesn't have to have a rolling rd as he won't be able to test some bikes because of this ??? Think he said bmw ???

  • The EU introduced a regulation in 2012 requiring bikes to meet Euro 5 emissions standards by 1st January 2020. Maybe then they will introduce emissions testing for bikes, but for the moment it's not an imminent change to the mot. Chris, your tester will not need a rolling road just yet, that's for brake testing. Some BMW's with ABS can't be tested in a rolling road but they are allowed to be tested on the road using a decelerometer.

  • Yep there is a cat in down pipes as well, I got Akrapovic down pipes fitted with cats removed, but I did remap it as headers was changed