Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has tried the 1 2 sprocket changes and if so...

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has tried the -1/+2 sprocket changes and if so how the bike performed after?? Had great results doing it on my er6.

Looking for some more acceleration

Also is the stock chain 106 links at 520 pitch? (99model) and is the speedo taken from the front wheel?

  • Just dropped a tooth on my gpz500 gave better acceleration and lost 10mph on top end , but was more usable in everyday life .I tend not to mess with the rear , as it can mean chopping the chain or buying a longer one .if you want more power put gpz cams in it will be the same as the gpz 500s then .

  • Fantastic thanks! Ill have a look into that :D

  • I'm struggling to find any thing about swapping the can over?? Is it just a simple switch?

  • Cam*

  • Yep just bung gpz ones in ,thats the only differnce in the 2 motors er has sorted cams smaller lobes ,other than that there the same engine .my gpz had a Vulcan lump in swapped the cams over was same as my gpz used to be when it was young 125 mph and give pocket rockets a shock .old gpz motor had 87000 on her and thought it was best to put a younger motor in ,so put a low milage Vulcan in .gpz motors are black Vulcan was silver same as er .thats my old girl .

  • No bother just get it timed up right ,put ever bolt and cam holder in order so they go back in the same place , and check a few times your 24 links from the dot on the back cam chain sprocket the the dot on the front one ,and replace the rocker cover with a new gasket .should be fine .

  • i think the jets in the carbs are different in the GPZ500S to bennefit the different cams

  • I'll check tomorow and let you know if the settings differnt I did use my gpz carbs on it