Hi guys I wanted to ask if anyone has some zx7l parts And links where I can...


Hi guys. I wanted to ask if anyone has some zx7l parts? And links where I can get new parts.

I need.

Valve cover gasket

Oil pan gasket

Rad hoses

Header and basicly another exhaust system

And a wiring harness and resistors if you guys have them. Thank guys. I don't have a lot of money doing this on a budget

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  • Its OK man I want the naked bike look

  • Mine is same but 93 zx7l trying to find bottom fairings and mirror bracket

  • Daniel Betsuie$320 for the exhaust, shipping included

  • ive got 96 zx9r bike whole bike ill sell cheap needs rings and some plasitcs painted

  • In az?

  • Lawrence really? Nice I'll get it later on maybe I still need to buy the parts to get my bike running

  • Daniel BetsuieYep

  • Shweet

  • Oh nope in vt lol

  • ?