Hi guys I ve got a z750 04 and I m trying to change the spark plugs but I can t...


Hi guys I've got a z750 04 and I'm trying to change the spark plugs but I can't get the 2 middle ones off.

That's the socket I'm using for my zx636r do I have to get a shorter one?? Or is there any tip??


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  • Telescopic magnet to get it out if your plug socket won't grip it.

  • That's a good idea I'll have to go and get one cheers

  • I even tried a small hose or rubber pipe but it's really hard to get it

  • dont u have the one in the tool kit?

  • I haven't got the tool kit but I have managed to get a socket hope it will work

  • Done mine last month removed the thermostat housing got a small extension bar on my spark plug socket loosen then use a telescopic magnet to get them out

  • Us a piece of rubber tube that pushes tight on your new plugs then you can push it on your plug in the engine to get it out and even screw it back in the engine then tighten with a socket I made a extension in between the long and short extension

  • Hand made tool all done thank you so much guys

  • Dropped the coolant.

    Removed the thermostat housing.

    A knuckle socket extension.

    I used two lengths of coat hanger with a curve (like a hook) at the end and filed (reduce thickness) some of the wire to fit in between the sparkplug and the sparkplug bore/hole to lift the spark plugs out.

    Lots of patience and plenty of effort.

  • Or you could always just cheat like the previous owner of my old one and just change 2