Hi guys i have an 01 200R and it has standard gearing im thinking of upgrading...


Hi guys i have an 01 200R and it has standard gearing, im thinking of upgrading rear sprocket to 52t to keep up with my mates on 2 stroke 250's on the track, what front sprocket should i use, and who has had great success with what combination?

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  • Sorry to tell you it will take more than a sprocket changes. KDX is a great bike but realistic about the capability or you will disappointed. Its heavier, with much softer suspensions and 15 less HP the a 250 MX bike. I have owned 4 or 5 different KDX175 and 200, new and old. Lower gearing does not really help much as the KDX has good low and mid range power.

  • Ive got pro circuit chamber and pipe, air box mod, jetted carby, im almost their once i hit 3rd ive got them its super quick already i just need a bit more oomph in 1st and second they pull away too quick on the mx track

  • And they will, no amount of gear will make for the 10 to 15 HP you dont have. I owned the exact bike you listed with very similar mods, including a bunch of port work and it was still much slower than my RM250. Great woods bike, but no way will it ever be 250 MX bike. Sorry but that just the facts. Try some gearing changes you might find a combination you like but it still wont run with 250 MX bikes.

  • Ill post the go pro vids in a couple of weeks...

  • OK

  • RB designs carb and head mods help greatly. 04 200. Got it new. Fmf pipe and silencer. Reeds.