Hi Guys I am from India and planning to buy Versys 650 here Currently i ride...


Hi Guys, I am from India and planning to buy Versys 650 here, Currently i ride Royal Enfield Bullet 500. Firstly is it a good move? Secondly what challenges would i face? Idea of buying is obviously touring. Any cons. About Versys? What necessary upgrades required

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  • You'll be able to travel at more than 100kmh on the Versys

  • I would say it's a good move. But most all of us here have a biased opinion of the Versys. :-)

  • And I doubt many have ridden the Bullet

  • Both are very different bike, but surely versys by it own class are at least it can spend more time on the road then in the workshop

  • I have! Almost bought a Conti GT.

  • I have heard the RE Bullet is a dependable bike, and in that part of the globe, parts and service are plentiful. I would be researching the availability of Kawasaki parts and service where most of your riding would be. As far as upgrades and add-ons. Whatever you heart and needs desire.

  • I had 4 of them before the Versys

    But that was in India

  • But yea a lot more reliable, faster and lighter than the Enfields

  • Did 40,000 miles on my gen 2 and now done 8000 on my gen 3. Never had to do anything other than normal services and tyres

  • The only upgrade I think is really important is a radiator protector, as a stone in the rad can stop you dead. Next, I like to put a headlight guard on; but that's just to save $ in the case of rock damage.

  • Hi! I've an RE thunderbird in India :) and a v strom here in USA. The versys is nothing like the RE, but in all the good ways. Let me explain.

    - better brakes (RE has awful brakes)

    - smoother, more powerful engine

    - sportier seating position, tall and better wind protection

    - overall modern machine

    You'll definitely need crash guards on the versys in India. The only worries in my mind is how you'd get required aftermarket support.

  • I wouldn't call the seating position on the Versys sporty.

  • Sportier than the RE!

  • It's upright with wide off road type bars. A z1000sx or 650ninja is sporty

  • Perhaps this image will help explain better :) again, I'm saying it's sportier, not that it's sporty. The RE has an almost cruiser like forward leg position which will be very different on the versys.

  • Vishnu Narayanan Suresh put in the info for the er6n or 650 ninja

  • But he's asking about his royal Enfield and a versys. I ride a cbr, and I have a v strom, my prev bike (my fav) was a Honda ST1100. I fully understand sport riding position ( not my fav type, I like the tall v strom and versys adv bikes)

    For the gentleman, the OP, I was merely trying to give some perspective as a prev royal Enfield owner. The RE was my first bike - I loved it until I rode another bike, and realized how awful the RE was (poor brake, poor suspension, old tech etc) I'm just trying to convey that to the OP.

    On a side note, I might get a versys for myself :) the nearby dealership is offering a good trade in on my v strom

  • You said it was sporty. Just disagreed

  • My dear friend, I said sportier :( in my comments. You can read them. But it's beside the point - I fully agree with your points, the versys has an upright riding position. We're good :) !

  • I own both. (RE classic 500 and the 2016 Versys)..go in for it .. awesome bike. Dont sell ur bull.. the V cant handle bad roads that we have at high speeds unless u put wire rims(120 plus). If u go in a pothole at 120 plus.. ul bend the rim..however thats the only negative i can think of. On all other counts it is much superior to the enfield in every way

  • The Mk 1 and 2 both seem to have an issue with the OEM exhaust snapping at around 15k to 20k miles. Not expensive to upgrade to a decent stainless steel system, but irksome if you expect the exhaust to last the lifetime of the bike.

    Rear subframe can be a bit rusty if not looked after properly (mine is 28k miles young and showing spots around the welds) for example if ridden in all weathers in England.

    Other than those relatively minor issues, it's rock solid and a brilliant ride. Highly recommended as a do-everything bike for those of us who can't afford a garage full of bikes for every occasion.

  • I had 40,000 miles on my gen 2 and it was on its original exhaust. It still is I think, I still see it around where I work

  • Mine went around the 25k miles mark, easy weld job.

  • If you will go off road, install a front fender extender. My cousin had a small stone jammed in the radiator fan and burned the fan motor.

  • I've been riding most all my life. I've had nearly every kind of bike. cruisers, sport bikes, dual-sports. couple months ago i picked up a 2011 650 (2nd gen) and I can honestly say it's the most fun and most useful motorcycle I've ever owned. light enough to be fun on a curvy road but still very good on the highway. I think you'll be very happy with one

  • The seat is a little more sportier than the pic as the seat back pushes you forward (design fault of the 650) and is one of the common complaints

  • Tony Mitchell a few penny washers and a piece of flat bar solves it. Done it on both mine