Hi guys how offered does a chain and sprocket need change on a zzr1400 and...

Hi guys how offered does a chain and sprocket need change on a zzr1400 and whats the best chain and sprocket to get for long life and better chain and how much

  • The oem chain is the toughest on offer, but bloody expensive. Most of the aftermarket chains don't meet oem spec.

  • Who really knows which chain lube is the best, it's all about personal preference and Wat works for you...But Wurth chain lube works best for me, it's clear and no fling and I can't remember the last time I changed a chain so it must work..I also clean my chain with paraffin which is oil based so while it cleans away road crud it also lubes to

  • Cleaning the chain is as important if not more than the lube . The plates don't stretch, the chain becomes longer because the pins wear . If you put a old chain flat it will bend in an ark, this is the pins are worn . They wear because of greas and grit grinding them away .

  • Hi guys, Just ordered from this company: 5 days delivery from Germany to Sweden:

    https://www.motorcyclesparepar ts.eu/

    They have have everything for Japanese bikes, excellent service and easy to pick parts and it´s 100% original spare parts.

    Apart from some bolts, whashes and air filter - I also ordered a new front spocket, whasher and nut. Front spocket is always worn out first. Depending on ride style and maintenance, changing after 30000 km the rear spocket and chain will last probably 70000 km. If you decide to change everything at once you will probably need to check after 40000-50000km. Original front spocket is special with integrated rubber damper, which not the oem type is. They are in one piece. I guess the rubber makes a huge difference in chain life time and smoother riding too. Anything but original is probably less good.

  • So there is a lot of chains out there which one is the best and is there a better sprocket than Kawasaki make

  • Iv been looking to get one which is between 2009 and 2010 I hear alot about the zzr1400 before 2008 to do with speed in low rpms as its poor when did Kawasaki fix this

  • And this one Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1122 96051648

  • Careful you might break a nail

  • OK this suggestion is a little bit out there (for some)but it's proven to work and I do this all the time.

    DON'T use expensive chain cleaners there NOT worth the money.

    GT 85 or WD40, or their equivalent is good enough AND a lot cheaper, AND NO it won't fuck the rubber rings on your chain.

    After cleaning your chain use a small sponge sprayed with ACF-50 and rub this over the chain and leave to dry.

    Once dry lube the chain as normal and your chain will last a hell of a lot longer with rust protection as well as being clean and lubed.

    Happy day's

  • You'll probably pull your hair out at this and tell me it the worst thing ever but here goes . I usea degreaser with a paint brush then power wash ( gently ). It may go against all advice but ive been doing it for years and normally get +20 k miles on a chain

  • I wear marigolds

  • Here´s a better advise. Buy a litre of Diesel. It is super cheap , it does no damage your chain, and degrease the lube! Fantastic!! Kerosene is another advise but perhaps even better than Diesel except for the price then. Still a bargain compared to other products you suggest.

  • I have used Paraffin before, that works well.

  • Yes Mark, Paraffin and Kerosene/Kerosine are the same, just different names.Just as Coal oil is. Very useful for chain washing :)

  • Just fit a chain oiler and never worry again.

  • Paraffin for cleaning - as recommended in most owners manuals. I use a 1 inch paint brush. Clean off the excess with a rag. I lube with EP90 gear oil then let the scottoiler do its job.