• Hi guys got a weird one for you Was riding the bike and clutch decided to not...

    Hi guys, got a weird one for you. Was riding the bike and clutch decided to not engage properly and engine sounded like an exhaust was blowing and making a rattling noise. Pulled over seen I let clutch fluid run out like a plonker. Topped it up and clutch seems to be ok but still get this noise like the exhaust is blowing from the headers but they are fine. But here's the wierd part. It only does it once warm, when the bikes cold it runs normal. Any ideas?

    • Oh dear...

      Doesn't sound too good.

    • Clutch sounds knackered.

    • Does to me too, but the noise is coming from the headers.

    • Probably just engine noise bouncing around inside the fairing.

    • Clutch fluid doesn't run out unless there's a leak, if you lose the hydraulics the clutch won't disengage, but it shouldn't start making a racket. It sounds like something in the engine has broken.

    • If the headers are blowing it's probably nothing to do with the clutch.

    • Get a stethoscope and have a listen.

    • Whats the zzr model c or d

    • D

    • You could put up a video to illustrate.

    • It could be the gears the noise going from as thr zzr1100 have a issue with rattle from sec gear or can pop out on c models

    • I think 2nd gear is okay on the D.

    • Yes they are

    • Yeah sorry will do soon, I left it at my mates house.

    • Connor Hawksworth with the fairings off.