Hi guys can anyone recommend a good set of tyres for my SX Running on factory...


Hi guys can anyone recommend a good set of tyres for my SX? Running on factory standards at the moment.

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  • I will be going from the slippery stock tyres to PR4. My MT10 was so much better on those that even my pillion thought she could notice the difference. The back end slips when it has no business of slipping for some reason, i.e. At low speeds in the dry, with the stock rubber, same as the 10 did. Luckily the Bridgestones don't last long so they will need replacing soon anyway.

  • Bridgestone S20R

  • PR4

    I tried two different Bridgestone and they are nowhere near PR4.

  • PR 4

  • 7 x 1200 plus kilometer races on Shinko verge 2x 016 (dual compound) ....half cost and work awesome.....

  • Pirelli Angel GT 11000km

  • Are they good for road use in dry and wet? Will Google them as I haven't heard of them.

  • s21 evo

  • Most people havent...top selling in usa...its the japanese yokohama tires...sold to korean company but testing done in japan...been round long time. .excellent road grip...i raced 7 1000 to 1200km races on wet slippery rough and good road...never had front tire get loose and back only due to power accelerating! Always top finisher 6th overall outta 450 entrants and first in class (top sportbike) in last event....speeds up to 250 plus at times...raced a tandem race last year with my wife as pillion..there were 600 entrants mostly solo riders....we were running top 10 but slowed in pouring rain for safety...never once a slip or tire issue sometimes 200kph..we finished top 30 of 600 and got best couples award...i share only so u will see ive fully run these and raced these..i also own a husqvarna 701 supermoto which i ride in street in rain and go to a supermoto track..i run shinko 006 podiums on this race bike and get totally laid over on the track and not a hint of it lettng go! I used to pay 18000 pesos for a set of other tires...i pay only 10k for the shinkos...thats $200 for a set vs $360 for others!!! Used to run pirelli angel GTs but found tbese to be as good at almost half cost.

  • Pirelli angel are great tires :-)

  • metzeler roadtec 01

  • PR4