• Hi Guys A quick question for you I need a chain and sprocket set With flea...

    Hi Guys. A quick question for you. I need a chain and sprocket set. With flea bay full of pirate copies what is a fair price to pay and possibly any good shops. I usually buy my bits from Webmoto. Thanks Rob.

    • Dont get anything apart from a DID kit , £80 ish

    • Mnp Swansea are good

    • Always used heavy duty jt gold x-ring on mine £40

    • It's called m&p direct now mate

    • DID chain and sprockets is good for about £80-90. You can get cheaper unbranded chains but the quality isn't so good.

    • 12000 miles

    • Just don't go cheap as I found out nearly to my cost.

    • Thanks for your help. I was going for a DID kit. Now I know it's £80 for an X-ring chain. There is also a VX, VX-GB and ZVM-X which explains the prices up to £120.

    • I had mine done through my local Kwakka dealer using their parts At £180 including everything, chain and both sprockets. They even replaced the rear pads at just the cost of the pads whilst the wheel was out. May be a little extravagant, but at least I will have a comeback if things go wrong etc.

    • Hi Bartholomeus Henricus Antonius Brummer that's not a bad price with todays labour rates but I think I will do it myself

    • I just don't have the right kit etc. And when the weather is fine I'd rather be biking than mending bikes on the drive :-)

    • Renthal sprockets and tsubaki or DID chains for me