Hi guys A 64 yr old Kawasaki die hard here I have been fortunate to have been...


Hi guys. A 64 yr old Kawasaki die hard here. I have been fortunate to have been able to ride since 14 without writing myself off. Currently I own a zx10R, z1000SX, z1300 and a klr650. Amongst many others I have ridden and sold a zx14 as well as a gtr1400. I regard the SX as one of the finest sport bikes ever, as well as one of the most underrated. I call it the "mini gtr1400" because it has the best qualities of the gtr minus the weight, and its handling and performance are tops. I especially like the sitting position and mid range performance. Definitely not an "old man's" bike and always adrenalin rushing fun to ride. :)

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  • Woah so many bike. Lucky. Owning 1 of them might making me work day n night nonstop lol

  • an "old man's bike??? are you joking??? ahahah

  • "Not an" he said I think

  • Coming from someone who owns a zx10r.

  • Kawasaki Z1000 SX South Africa Group

  • my friends says that i have "bike for student's" :D

  • Your friends are jealous Damijan. Most of my friends avoid me out there :). You are indeed a lucky student bro!

  • Thx Brother.

  • My zx10r is the 2005 model George - the mental crazy one's. However, the SX will kick its arse from robot to robot due to the zx10's extra long 1st gear (165km/h in 1st at redline) which is actually toooo long so the pull away is where it fails. The Japs fixed this in later models. By the time the zx10 gets its front wheel on the tar the SX is three/four bike lengths ahead. LOL. But after that its another story - make no mistake. But listen to this - in the twisties and passes the SX is king. Once again due to gearing. Wish the SX had a longer 6th gear tho. It can't compete on the straights and just runs out of revs.

  • For me, only Bridgestone BT001's. Only one I'm comfortable with. I don't care about getting kilo's but I do care about how they stick when I'm in a tight corner. They ain't never let me down so I have faith in them. I have ridden with other brands and had some heart stopping moments with grip etc. So, I have this "thing" about my rubber.